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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Last chance - You save it or lose it forever!


Been a long time that we didn't talk! was busy with studies, particularly Physics and Maths. They are hell scary, I swear!

Well, the hot topic these days is the NATO attack on the army men. Suppose your guards, who are supposed to protect you, keep you surrounded and to ensure your security at any cost, are started being killed and shot to death! How would you feel? Definitely HELPLESS!! Right? What would be a worse threat than that?

I think nothing! Our army is the Symbol of Our National courage, unity and integrity!! Although, army rule has always been unfruitful for us but you can't ensure your security through DEMOCRACY or this "reconciliation" thing!! Neither the politicians nor their parliament would survive a war, god forbids, if it ever happens!

Those 24 were our defenders! They are, now, supposed to be defended by these dollar-hungry people!
why is everything first sent to the Parliament? why are they too slow in make decisions? where is the Leadership?? why always resolutions? If democracy gives this, then why Benazir struggled for it? why Bhutto was hanged?

I request the top leadership of this country, especially the President, to look into the issue for god sake! Our vanity; the martyrs are now buried in the heart of this beautiful country. Let not their blood get wasted! Bring the justice, Please! NATO is nothing, neither the money they throw on us for dancing! We are PAKISTANIS!!

Join hands and think of one thing only- THE GREEN FLAG!!


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