Break that. Build again.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Strike and bounce back

It has been a long time since I expressed my ignorance here. Will try to help it now, again.

As I stepped in the last year of teenage, things started to appear different. Life, which once revolved around music, friends and silly jokes, started to appear very serious, full of formality and, not-so-surprisingly, a challenge which cannot be faced with my little strengths.  Friend circles now seem to have shrunk to the extent that it is suffocating to even think of them. Little happy things have sunk in the icy water of competition and fears of future. Those little rides on bicycle and motorbike seem ridiculous. Trustworthiness has lost its meanings and appears alien. Social gatherings, which once were not pompous and lavish but still meaningful, have been scissored to formal dressing and chats like 'I got this from Australia' and 'my dad is giving me an iPhone on this birthday'. I feel strange. Tried to search commonality but to no avail. Meaning of the word 'love' has been cut down to sexual desires. There has to be a reason why you help and hang out with that person.  There has to be a reason why you talk to that one person. Can't it be just something natural? Reason everything. In giving reasons for things that really dont require any reasons, life has become unreasonable. Mind and body have lost their coordination. The heart is rusty. Only material gain control the body. Grades, GPAs, honors and accolades have replaced sincerity, care Relationships are nothing but fulfillment of personal aims. Society runs not on the reality of life but on the artificiality of existence.

While everything is going out of hands, the primordial nature is dying. Religion seems old and exhausted. New ideas evolve daily just to keep the artificiality breathing. Manipulation of the Message and exploitation of existence is a routinely business on the wall street and elsewhere. Capitalize on these. This is the time to crush that what has existed for long. Let these fast running waters take on you. Leave everything. Religion, God, relationships are old-fashioned. The world needs new air. People need their choice of Gods. Its time those who cannot adapt to this new life better get off the train of life.


Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi there!

With Raja Pervaiz Ashraf getting the premiership, I decided not to worry about Pakistan anymore. I was determined to move from here as soon as I find an opportunity. However, today again I feel like I should post something. It's all about the "selection" 2013. (Yeah you heard that right! Not election, I said selection)

Starting from the fiascoes of the PPP government to Nawaz Sharif's so called opposition party, to Pervaiz Illahi's becoming the deputy premier (that was an invention, btw) to Imran Khan fever among all the kiddos of the country, I have a lot to say. Lets not talk about PPP or Nawaz Sharif and confine ourselves to Imran Khan today. Allow me to talk about the "Jinnah" of this gumrah-kun nation.

Imran Khan rose up with such a momentum that we all thought he will clean sweep this time. Those music concerts, t-shirts posing IK as the revolutionist of the century and the heated speeches of him are still up on my mind. To tell you how much our people got obsessed by him, those idiots started comparing him with Jinnah. I got this text from someone counting the similarities between the two. Jinnah was in the Hall of fame of his university and so do Imran. Jinnah did this and Imran also did the same. Guess they wanted Imran's photo on the currency notes instead of Jinnah's. Isn't it too much?

Agree that Imran won the world cup for this nation. He made the first charity based cancer hospital of the country. Founded NAMAL and lots of other things. But does that mean he or anybody like him should be brought up so high? Does that mean we start expecting him to bring upon a dramatic revolution in the country? No! we cannot. And, perhaps, we should not. Don't you know how has he come up? He criticized Shaikh Rasheed very bitterly and then went to his house for electoral alliance. Wasn't he closed to Nawaz Sharif? Isn't he a hypocrite too? Was Jinnah like him? Did he ever do what he once condemned? I hope not.

And now, when people are supporting him he backs out. Kacchi community of Karachi supports him and dint vote for MQM or PPP in the recent pollings. Do you know what is happening to them now? They are being made hostage by MQM and PPP people. Is Imran concerned about their lives? He seems not.

To sum up, Imran is nobody but next to Zardari and Nawaz. That's it. He or anybody else cannot change our fate. Pakistan has been destined to its end. Drastic end. We have to wait for Imam Mehdi and Hazart Essa to fix all this mess. Ordinary human beings cannot correct this Pakistan. Not at all.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cricket. Prostitution. Cricket And Prostitution..

Hi there!

Been a very long time didn't write anything. There was a new budget, new policies and even a new Prime Minister of our Country. But I didn't find it worth it writing on any of these issues. My Bad.

Lets talk about Cricket today. Oh no! There's this another thing coming in my mind now! Why  is prostitution not legal? after all its a million dollar industry all around the world! Earn and Enjoy at the same time! Wow!

Well, just yesterday Pakistan lost its Semifinal to Sri Lanka! Sad. People were expecting the trophy coming home. Expectations always end like this. Everyone everywhere was talking about cricket. Perked up people.
However it didn't happen.Those who were updating statuses showing overfilled patriotism just took off there clothes. All very mean.
Afridi being cursed, Akmals being abused and others being discouraged in every nook and corner of the Country. What a fair treatment!

We have forgotten all the  the victories and happiness our Cricketers brought to us. When everyone on the globe is against this Country, who led the Pakistani Anthem be played on the foreign lands? You or I? None of us. In fact, many of us don't even remember it, let alone singing!

Its time we should decide. What are we up to? Instead of owning our legends we are doing this?

Prostitution and Cricket are quite alike. In both the professions, players and prostitutes work hard. Earn some livings. But never any respect.
At the end of the day both end up being alone and ignored. At the peak of their careers both are valued and demanded. By the time, they get less productive, (in Punjabi they say), mitti paw!

Pakistan Paindabad!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Butt-jut 2012-2013

Hello People!

So today the budget is being announced. 5th budget! a WOW thing!!
How much this nation has cursed Zardari Sahab but see, the dus feesud guy is still chairing the presidency! Cheers!! Lucky man!!
Hafiz Shiekh, the on-rent minister,announces the 5th consecutive budget of Gilani Hukumat! Himself accepts 'NOT A SINGLE TARGET COULD BE ACHIEVED THIS YEAR' but to my Lord, I will still give the budget speech! Yesterday, he sat in front of the cameras and presented the annual economic survey for the fiscal year 2011-2012.
I take the privilege to share some of the most extraordinary things and success stories of the Jamhuri hukumat. (Recite Bismillah once) Down we go:

  • Inflation rate has reduced in the last 3 years. ( I see, that is why I buy a liter of milk for Rs. 75 now!)
  • Government has reduced its expenditure. ( 'PM is going to Britain with a delegation of 80 members. In the 5 star hotel in London, 80 rooms are booked ; costing around 8 million rupees per day.'  I read in a paper just a month ago.)
  • The elected government never willed to increase prices of petroleum but we had to do so as the prices increased in the international market. ( Recently, Rs. 15 have been shortened in the International market but the relief given to Pakistanis is almost 1/5th of what is given in the other countries of the world.)
  • We have brought a large number of big fishes in the tax net. (Zaradari, Gillani, Sharifs and Chaudries are just cockroaches. Aww poor!! People please donate your clothes to them!)
  • This year has proved to be a fruitful one for the economic growth.( Even undergarments are bloody expensive now. A khaccha cost Rs. 300!!)
These are just a few things I could mention here. A lot more is there in the survey book which you can buy and read, wasting your precious time. for everything is bogus and far away from reality.

Hope you all are in best of health and will be able to keep that after a few days also (butt-jut!!).

Pakistan Zindabad

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Political Clowns"

Hope you are doing good! Long time! Two months almost!
Well, I was actually planning on writing something different this time. But what should it be?
This questions is still not answerable as yet!

I was thinking how a person can hold the office of the chief executive of a country when he's been accused by the most supreme court of that country! For my ease, I say he can still hold his office only if he belongs to the PPP ; the group of poor, selfless and true democrats!! (my god!!)

"Mr.Chris Huhne, the minister of energy and climate change in the English government, resigned just in an hour when the Crown Prosecutions announced to initiate an investigation against him. He was alleged for some judicial charges." Reading this in a local news paper, I was more than just surprised, thinking which sand are our rulers made from!

While a maid, working 10 hours a day for Rs. 200 only can't stand her insult and leaves her job, his majesty PM Gillani, the Chief Executive of Pakistan, is proud to be alleged by the supreme court!! Infact, according to him, this is what "BABA" struggled for- DEMOCRACY!! Self esteem and vanity worth nothing??

Anyway, what I believe is, that PM should have had resigned just the day when the court notice was issued. This was the last chance he had gotten to regain some respect in the eyes of the nation. He didn't deserve it, I guess!!

Well, lets hope that PPP government completes its tenure so that in the next elections they will have no reason left to get another chance. And what they call " Political Martyrdom", will no longer be any support for them!

Take care.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Imran Khan ??

A leader is a dealer in hope.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Assalamoalekum! :)
Hope you all are good! I am doing awesome, by the way! :)

These days most of us are preoccupied by Imran Khan and his party. And the recent Karachi Jalsa has deeply strengthened this obsession! For some days I been thinking for the reasons why PTI is coming on the front line and why is the nation supporting Imran Khan. Here are the few reasons that I could gather: 

The Non-existing Government: 
The Abbotabad incident , the Memorandum scandal and finally the grand PTI has badly, or probably very badly, affected their strength, reputation and political worth!! The PM looks like a panic-stricken guy who has no way out now! His own cabinet members are voicing against him and it looks like a well directed movie where actions are executed in a very planned and scheduled manner!
The President:
When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.  ~Clarence Darrow

I wonder how can a person be the president of a country where he can't even have his regular medical checkups! Zardari Sahab! Please behave like human Beings! you aren't any special!! You could have been a great leader if you were a true patriot and a faithful man! But sorry you couldn't make up to that level! All you have done is destroying the image of this beautiful nation and looting the country institutions!! Enjoy your presidency for this is your LAST tenure!

The people of Pakistan are hopeless and desperate now! They are demanding a change! Bhuttos and Sharifs cannot be loyal to this country, this is DECIDED now!! The two families have already filled their pockets with the blood of the poor citizens ! They should not be given any other chance!! Its  enough! Their philosophies aren't the same! their intentions are contaminated and their descendents are already corrupted! Just hatched but still having numerous charges!! Bullshit!!  So no more Bhuttos or Sharif's in the parliament!

                                     سرے ممبر ی   خوابوں   کے   محل تعمیر کرتے ہیں   
                                     علاج   غم   نہیں    کرتے   فقط   تقریر  کرتے  ہیں
The youth of this country demands a new leadership. They want someone who's politics is not the same old traditional one. They are looking for the leader who can speak their words!! Zardari and Nawaz can't even spell the world P-A-K-I-S-T-A-N let alone speaking for the Pakistanis! So flush them!!

Imran Khan we expect a lot from you! We love you and respect you cordially!! But if you ever think of deceiving this nation like the present leaders, then, MAN YOU WOULD HAVE THE WORST END!!

Though I couldn't gather more reasons but there are hundreds of them, for sure! :)

Take care.
Wassalam :)