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Friday, February 7, 2014

Strike and bounce back

It has been a long time since I expressed my ignorance here. Will try to help it now, again.

As I stepped in the last year of teenage, things started to appear different. Life, which once revolved around music, friends and silly jokes, started to appear very serious, full of formality and, not-so-surprisingly, a challenge which cannot be faced with my little strengths.  Friend circles now seem to have shrunk to the extent that it is suffocating to even think of them. Little happy things have sunk in the icy water of competition and fears of future. Those little rides on bicycle and motorbike seem ridiculous. Trustworthiness has lost its meanings and appears alien. Social gatherings, which once were not pompous and lavish but still meaningful, have been scissored to formal dressing and chats like 'I got this from Australia' and 'my dad is giving me an iPhone on this birthday'. I feel strange. Tried to search commonality but to no avail. Meaning of the word 'love' has been cut down to sexual desires. There has to be a reason why you help and hang out with that person.  There has to be a reason why you talk to that one person. Can't it be just something natural? Reason everything. In giving reasons for things that really dont require any reasons, life has become unreasonable. Mind and body have lost their coordination. The heart is rusty. Only material gain control the body. Grades, GPAs, honors and accolades have replaced sincerity, care Relationships are nothing but fulfillment of personal aims. Society runs not on the reality of life but on the artificiality of existence.

While everything is going out of hands, the primordial nature is dying. Religion seems old and exhausted. New ideas evolve daily just to keep the artificiality breathing. Manipulation of the Message and exploitation of existence is a routinely business on the wall street and elsewhere. Capitalize on these. This is the time to crush that what has existed for long. Let these fast running waters take on you. Leave everything. Religion, God, relationships are old-fashioned. The world needs new air. People need their choice of Gods. Its time those who cannot adapt to this new life better get off the train of life.


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