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Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi there!

With Raja Pervaiz Ashraf getting the premiership, I decided not to worry about Pakistan anymore. I was determined to move from here as soon as I find an opportunity. However, today again I feel like I should post something. It's all about the "selection" 2013. (Yeah you heard that right! Not election, I said selection)

Starting from the fiascoes of the PPP government to Nawaz Sharif's so called opposition party, to Pervaiz Illahi's becoming the deputy premier (that was an invention, btw) to Imran Khan fever among all the kiddos of the country, I have a lot to say. Lets not talk about PPP or Nawaz Sharif and confine ourselves to Imran Khan today. Allow me to talk about the "Jinnah" of this gumrah-kun nation.

Imran Khan rose up with such a momentum that we all thought he will clean sweep this time. Those music concerts, t-shirts posing IK as the revolutionist of the century and the heated speeches of him are still up on my mind. To tell you how much our people got obsessed by him, those idiots started comparing him with Jinnah. I got this text from someone counting the similarities between the two. Jinnah was in the Hall of fame of his university and so do Imran. Jinnah did this and Imran also did the same. Guess they wanted Imran's photo on the currency notes instead of Jinnah's. Isn't it too much?

Agree that Imran won the world cup for this nation. He made the first charity based cancer hospital of the country. Founded NAMAL and lots of other things. But does that mean he or anybody like him should be brought up so high? Does that mean we start expecting him to bring upon a dramatic revolution in the country? No! we cannot. And, perhaps, we should not. Don't you know how has he come up? He criticized Shaikh Rasheed very bitterly and then went to his house for electoral alliance. Wasn't he closed to Nawaz Sharif? Isn't he a hypocrite too? Was Jinnah like him? Did he ever do what he once condemned? I hope not.

And now, when people are supporting him he backs out. Kacchi community of Karachi supports him and dint vote for MQM or PPP in the recent pollings. Do you know what is happening to them now? They are being made hostage by MQM and PPP people. Is Imran concerned about their lives? He seems not.

To sum up, Imran is nobody but next to Zardari and Nawaz. That's it. He or anybody else cannot change our fate. Pakistan has been destined to its end. Drastic end. We have to wait for Imam Mehdi and Hazart Essa to fix all this mess. Ordinary human beings cannot correct this Pakistan. Not at all.


  1. Was Jinnah like him? Did he ever do what he once condemned? I hope not."

    Jinnah was a staunch supporter of Hindu-Muslim Unity and later became an advocate of two nation theory..

    That's a good effort Usama.. just offering a suggestion in good humour .base your articles more on facts and arguements and less on rhetorics.. :)

  2. Insincerity nahe hai kahin. I'm being as much obedient as I can. And listen, Jinnah joined ML in 1913 when he was still a congressman. Okay? he wanted to bring them closer. Lekin when he realized that it was not possible.. he diverted his efforts on something else. Kbhi Gandhi ya Nehru ko bura nahe kaha. Yay suna hai aapne " Mai Gandhi ko apna chaprasi bhi naa rakho" and then going to his house and kissing his face? Khuda ko maano yaar. Andhi taqleed muhlik hai.