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Friday, October 5, 2012

Cricket. Prostitution. Cricket And Prostitution..

Hi there!

Been a very long time didn't write anything. There was a new budget, new policies and even a new Prime Minister of our Country. But I didn't find it worth it writing on any of these issues. My Bad.

Lets talk about Cricket today. Oh no! There's this another thing coming in my mind now! Why  is prostitution not legal? after all its a million dollar industry all around the world! Earn and Enjoy at the same time! Wow!

Well, just yesterday Pakistan lost its Semifinal to Sri Lanka! Sad. People were expecting the trophy coming home. Expectations always end like this. Everyone everywhere was talking about cricket. Perked up people.
However it didn't happen.Those who were updating statuses showing overfilled patriotism just took off there clothes. All very mean.
Afridi being cursed, Akmals being abused and others being discouraged in every nook and corner of the Country. What a fair treatment!

We have forgotten all the  the victories and happiness our Cricketers brought to us. When everyone on the globe is against this Country, who led the Pakistani Anthem be played on the foreign lands? You or I? None of us. In fact, many of us don't even remember it, let alone singing!

Its time we should decide. What are we up to? Instead of owning our legends we are doing this?

Prostitution and Cricket are quite alike. In both the professions, players and prostitutes work hard. Earn some livings. But never any respect.
At the end of the day both end up being alone and ignored. At the peak of their careers both are valued and demanded. By the time, they get less productive, (in Punjabi they say), mitti paw!

Pakistan Paindabad!

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