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Friday, June 1, 2012

Butt-jut 2012-2013

Hello People!

So today the budget is being announced. 5th budget! a WOW thing!!
How much this nation has cursed Zardari Sahab but see, the dus feesud guy is still chairing the presidency! Cheers!! Lucky man!!
Hafiz Shiekh, the on-rent minister,announces the 5th consecutive budget of Gilani Hukumat! Himself accepts 'NOT A SINGLE TARGET COULD BE ACHIEVED THIS YEAR' but to my Lord, I will still give the budget speech! Yesterday, he sat in front of the cameras and presented the annual economic survey for the fiscal year 2011-2012.
I take the privilege to share some of the most extraordinary things and success stories of the Jamhuri hukumat. (Recite Bismillah once) Down we go:

  • Inflation rate has reduced in the last 3 years. ( I see, that is why I buy a liter of milk for Rs. 75 now!)
  • Government has reduced its expenditure. ( 'PM is going to Britain with a delegation of 80 members. In the 5 star hotel in London, 80 rooms are booked ; costing around 8 million rupees per day.'  I read in a paper just a month ago.)
  • The elected government never willed to increase prices of petroleum but we had to do so as the prices increased in the international market. ( Recently, Rs. 15 have been shortened in the International market but the relief given to Pakistanis is almost 1/5th of what is given in the other countries of the world.)
  • We have brought a large number of big fishes in the tax net. (Zaradari, Gillani, Sharifs and Chaudries are just cockroaches. Aww poor!! People please donate your clothes to them!)
  • This year has proved to be a fruitful one for the economic growth.( Even undergarments are bloody expensive now. A khaccha cost Rs. 300!!)
These are just a few things I could mention here. A lot more is there in the survey book which you can buy and read, wasting your precious time. for everything is bogus and far away from reality.

Hope you all are in best of health and will be able to keep that after a few days also (butt-jut!!).

Pakistan Zindabad

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