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Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Political Clowns"

Hope you are doing good! Long time! Two months almost!
Well, I was actually planning on writing something different this time. But what should it be?
This questions is still not answerable as yet!

I was thinking how a person can hold the office of the chief executive of a country when he's been accused by the most supreme court of that country! For my ease, I say he can still hold his office only if he belongs to the PPP ; the group of poor, selfless and true democrats!! (my god!!)

"Mr.Chris Huhne, the minister of energy and climate change in the English government, resigned just in an hour when the Crown Prosecutions announced to initiate an investigation against him. He was alleged for some judicial charges." Reading this in a local news paper, I was more than just surprised, thinking which sand are our rulers made from!

While a maid, working 10 hours a day for Rs. 200 only can't stand her insult and leaves her job, his majesty PM Gillani, the Chief Executive of Pakistan, is proud to be alleged by the supreme court!! Infact, according to him, this is what "BABA" struggled for- DEMOCRACY!! Self esteem and vanity worth nothing??

Anyway, what I believe is, that PM should have had resigned just the day when the court notice was issued. This was the last chance he had gotten to regain some respect in the eyes of the nation. He didn't deserve it, I guess!!

Well, lets hope that PPP government completes its tenure so that in the next elections they will have no reason left to get another chance. And what they call " Political Martyrdom", will no longer be any support for them!

Take care.

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