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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The dilemma of the ' Ideologically Sick Nation'

Well, this is an embarrassing moment for me to write my first ever blog on this topic!

A few days back while sitting in my bathroom, a thought came into my mind that literally urged me to start blogging ; so here I go.

What is our Ideology and what does it say? Does it say that Kashmir, Palestine , Syria and other such disputed territories are our authority?? Are we responsible for the killing of Muslims all around the world?? Does it state that SHALWAR KAMIZ is our religious dress and we are confined to it only? Is there a single point which declares us a Terrorist nation??

The answer to all the above questions is definitely; NO.  So then why the hell are we up to all these things!! Why are we not following our Ideology?? Why , today, the International Society is calling us a Failed nation like Afghanistan? Are we puppets of  the 52 stars flag?? Or are we simply an Ideologically sick nation?

Everyday hundreds of Pakistanis are being stampede and still our authorities say " We are recovering". Fuck!! are they blind?? Or do I see more than normal?? I feel sick when some of the idiots march out with the Anti American Slogans like "Go America Go". Damn! what would we do if they go off?? I mean we have imported this terrorism from them!! how can they fly off then!! They have to stay here until all this crap gets over!!

Right now, my mind is getting filled up with so many different thoughts and I think that I should write after sometime. Till then good bye and Allah Hafiz!

Pakistan Zindabad And America Paindabad!!!

P.S I have always been sarcastic and a harsh critic over American role in Pakistani society so chill all those who are against AMERICA and its policies!

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