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Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 11, 2000 - September 11, 2011

Before starting a new debate let me just tell you something;
I am not against any nation nor any country. Instead, I only oppose the policies that I think aren't proper and/or against Islam and Pakistan.

Now we move onto the topic.

Let suppose that you are working with someone for years and years and the work that you do isn't appreciated, let alone your reward! Assume that you know that your partner doesn't care of your work and always pinpoint your mistakes and criticizes you. You know that all your efforts are worthless and values not more than a cow's dung! However, you keep on working hard and always give your 100% to your work.
Then a day come when your partner alleges you for not only betraying him but also threatens your life. How would you feel? What would you do? To a common person, it would be his last day, literally!

Same is the case with Pakistan today! Before 9/11 there were no drone attacks, no bomb blasts,  no social discrimination. Neither poverty rate was too high, Pakistan was under debt and nor it was called a FAILED STATE or a TERRORIST STATE! Our borders were secure, our people were contended and our land was calmed. Green passport was valuable! All in all, Pakistan was progressing and was among the top developing countries of the world.
Then happened the 9/11 incident that changed the luck of Pakistan! Musharraf knew that his decision would one day led Pakistan into the endless dark. But he didn't care! As a result of this one decision, today we stand at the end! Our soldiers are being killed, our women are being treated in  the most barbaric manner and our children, the future of this nation, are polishing the English boots! Our economy is the American property now. The was that we joined in costs $50bn loss to our country and the cross border terrorism took about 50,000 lives! Loans from IMF and American aid seems to be our only feed! Our youth is dejected and suffers inferiority complex for being called Pakistanis. Our armed forces seem helpless and the other ruling bodies , the government, need no words!!

Today after 10 years with all the hardships still on, Mullen says that Pakistan supports terrorism. Not only this, but the ISI also serves Haqani Network. Let me ask them a question here, Who raised Haqani's against  Russia? Who trained them for war? and who taught them to be the rulers of there land, Afghanistan? The American presidents, at the time of Russian War and after that used to invite the Afghan leaders to the White House and partied with them! Why?

The only answer is, they had means with them so they brought them up! After crushing the USSR,  that means were over! Policy was reviewed, meetings were held and decisions were made. Finally, the target was set. It was PAKISTAN! Reasons were made to born and issues were produced. Now, the target has been reached. Mullen has already signaled of the war! A new Afghanistan and Iraq could be produced.

I pray none of my words would ever appear to be true but the situation seems so! Anyhow, lets just unite and stand together because it is the high time when Our Country, The Armed forces and The Judiciary needs us.

Stay blessed! See you soon. 

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